Bathroom Fitters

Bathroom Installation Earlsfield

Do you need a fancy new bathroom for your house in Earlsfield, but have been unsure of the right place to find one for the right price? You came to the right people. Bathrooms at Source have an expansive showroom in Wandsworth, filled with showcases of all the fantastic brands we sell, and the availability of our services is there. Come along, and see just what we can do to help you get the most ideal bathroom.

Selling only the greatest of brands

From Bette and Saneux to Crosswater, Vado and Bauhaus, we have every one of the greatest brands available here for you to view at our Wandsworth showroom.

A fully family based, independent company

Independently sourced and focused, and family based, we have used our commitment to our family and to independence from larger corporations to maintain our commitment to the welfare and satisfaction of our clients.

No less than twenty years in the bathroom trade

For the last 20 years, we have been selling bathrooms to clients from all over London and beyond. This is why our people are amongst the most experienced you’ll find anywhere in this line of work.

The Price Match Promise

We guarantee to match, brand to brand, any price you’ll find elsewhere for the same product – without exception.

Complete Installation Services

With its multitude of Victorian houses and flats by the river, Earlsfield can certainly be an area which may benefit from bathroom styles specific to that time. If your house is one of these, you definitely will be keen to have it installed properly. Thankfully, Bathrooms at Source in fact provides a full consultation prior to any work being done – and then a complete installation – as part of our package to all our clients.